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And so it begins!

First and foremost, thank you for taking a chance on this, a passion project for myself and my lovely wife Rose. Nate is someone who’s been on my mind and sleeping in my heart since I first took scribbles to an over-priced sketchpad. His face, age, body type, friends and family have morphed in my jello salad of a brain myriad times since, and it’s hard to explain, but when you’re ready, you just know it. Something clicks, or snaps in my case. So off with the restlessness, and let’s dive in!

We have a comic strip influenced by too many greats that came before it to mention, but mostly, by personal experience, dealing with the challenges of extreme shyness, social anxiety and “school phobia” as they called it back then. But it’s not about pity. It’s about the those tiny corners we hide in, settle and nestle, get cozy for a bit, then find our inner strength, and BOOM!

We all have different ways of “booming” but this little guy and his environment has a through-line of what I call The 3 W’s (Wonder, Warmth and Whimsy) that endeavors to put a smile on your face, a bigger breath to fill your chest and at its best, a “booming” heartbeat when least you expect it.

The characters you’ll find, are diverse in ways that are obvious and also nuanced, multi-dimensional, rich and challenging, at least for a “little comic strip.”

Funny how our own story arcs ain’t one big thing, but a series of moments, sometimes precious, occasionally grandiose, but most often tucked away beneath the ruckus, always there, slowly but surely, opening us up to a bigger world in the tiniest of ways. But only if we allow them to, right?

Nate often feels “stifled” in his self-imposed box. Who doesn’t? Let’s un-box together on this crazy, beautiful mess we call life.

Brian Coles

P.S. “How did that camper trailer get in the tree?” will be answered. I promise : )

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